Welcome to Airbrush Tanning by Natalie

Airbrush tanning is a healthy alternative to the damaging effects of sunbathing and tanning beds. Using an airbrush to apply Endless Glow’s one of a kind tanning solution allows a controlled level of detail, shading and customization.

The tanning solution smells great and leaves you with a very natural looking glow.


Airbrush Tans


Full Body $30
Legs $15
Upper Body $15
Face and Chest $10
Second Application $10

Tanning Products


Aerosol $20
Large Aerosol $45
Tan Extender $35
Tanning Lotion $40
Exfoliate Scrub $20
Shaving Lotion $15

Sun Care Products


Aerosol SPF 30 & 50 $15
Lotion SPF 30 & 50 $15
Aloe w/ Lidocaine $10
Lip Balm $3



2 Sessions + Pro Glo $80
1 Session + Pro Glo $60
Pro Glo $35

Memberships (new!)

Be Tan Membership

Level 1


Per Month
  • 1 Tan Per Month
  • Tans expire only at time of cancellation of membership
  • —————————————————
  • —————————————————
  • —————————————————
  • —————————————————

Be Bronze Membership

Level 2


Per Month
  • 2 Tans Per Month + 10% Off Products
  • Tans expire only at time of cancellation of membership
  • —————————————————
  • —————————————————
  • —————————————————
  • —————————————————

Be Golden Exclusive Membership

Level 3


Per Month
  • 4 Tans Per Month + 15% Off Products
  • May transfer to immediate family member at no additional cost
  • Referred customers will receive a 1 time $5 discounted tan
  • Bundle with a Teeth Whitening membership to receive $5 off membership fee
  • Tans expire only at time of cancellation of membership

Don’t wait.


Become a Tan Technician

Looking to become certified?

You have come to the right place! I can guide you through a completely online course designed to give you a head start in the Airbrush Tanning world. This online course is done through Endless Glow and is very simple. There are multiple segments each designed to teach you the different aspects of the Airbrush Tanning business. Whether it be teaching actual airbrush techniques to marketing advantages to running your business. These courses are very detailed yet will take you about 8 hours to complete. However, don’t expect to complete it in one day. Practicing while you are going through the technique sections will improve your skills which will help you retain your customers. There is so much more to learn about Endless Glow that it would be much simpler to learn of them at their website. As your adviser at Endless Glow I would be at a phone calls distance to answer each of your questions. I will be willing to help out in one on one training if necessary. Give me a call and I will help guide you through your journey to Endless Glow.

Online Course: $1250



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How long do airbrush tans last?

Airbrush tans can last anywhere from 7-14 days, but on average they last 10 days. The tan resides in your outer layer of skin so the more your skin exfoliates the faster it wears off.Activities such as showering, swimming, exercising and of course exfoliating makes your tan wear off faster.

Do your tans leave you looking orange?

Absolutely not! Click here for examples… I would try to explain but pictures are worth 1000 words.

How can I make my tan last longer?

Exfoliating prior to the tan is the main way to make your tan last longer. The more dead skin you shed just before you get sprayed tanned the deeper the tan can penetrate. Extra exfoliating a day or two prior can help it last even longer. Keeping your skin moisturized is also extremely important. You should apply lotion twice daily. Other pre and post tanning tips will be advised once you book your tan.

What do I wear when getting sprayed?

The tanning solution I use completely washes out of clothing. So you can wear as much clothing as you would like. Remember the more clothing the more lines you will have. Items such as swimsuits or underwear are most commonly worn when getting spray tanned. I do offer disposable thongs if desired. Bring a set of loose fitting clothing for after your appointment to prevent any removal of the solution.

How long does it take to get my airbrush tan?

Plan on a 30 minute appointment. The actual amount of time it takes to spray an entire body takes about 15 minutes.

Do you spray tan people at their own home?

Yes, I am completely mobile. However I charge a $30 fee for mobile tanning unless you have five or more people also getting a tan. In this case you can receive your tan for free. If under the limit of 5 the pricing will vary depending on the length of travel and how many will be sprayed. We can negotiate terms in those conditions.

How can I get my airbrush tan for free?

I offer free airbrush tans to people who host an open house party. These parties are much simpler than you may think. Unlike typical parties where one may have to entertain a group for hours, these are open houses where guests have appointment times and are usually occupied with being tanned while visiting. Simple refreshment such as water is all that may be needed. A minimum of 5 guests is required. Hosts will also receive a percentage of sales which can be used to obtain free products. Please send me an email if you are interested in hosting a party.

How does spray tanning work?

A chemical called DHA absorbs into your skin leaving you with a sun kissed tan. For more information about spray tanning please visit Endless Glow.

About Natalie

Ever since I was young I enjoyed being outdoors and having beautiful golden brown skin. I constantly placed my beautiful skin in harmful UV rays to gain the confidence a tan gives you. Once I started working I gained an appreciation of the convenience tanning salons gave (i.e. cheap monthly premiums, late hour openings, easy tanning in the winter, etc.). While my husband was in college our budget was tight, so of course I had to make the most out of my monthly memberships. I began tanning at least twice a week. It wasn’t before too long that tanning in UV tanning beds was a way of life for me.

As my husband was finishing up college, we started preparing to have children. However, one day my husband noticed a peculiar mole on my leg. Nothing too alarming, but thought we should get it checked out. Yup, you guessed it, Malignant Melanoma! In case you haven’t heard of it, check this out, Malignant Melanoma. So after a $6,000 procedure and a 3 inch scar on my leg, I had become a cancer survivor. Seems like a pretty cool name, huh? Not really especially considering the cost, scars and now it is necessary to have a dermatology check up every 6 months. Now those cheap monthly memberships at the local tanning salon don’t seem all that cheap!

So, how does that actually translate into me doing airbrush tanning? Well since I vowed never to return to a tanning bed or lying out at the beach. My skin has become extremely fair. For a while I had to just put up with it, thinking to myself I was sacrificing my complexion and confidence for my life. Finally, I decided to try the typical mystic spray tans. Of course, I encountered the classic Friends Episode issue with the tanning machine. So I was back to square one. After trying dozens of different products I finally heard about Endless Glow’s airbrush tanning!

My first airbrush tanning experience was of course as skeptical as could be. I had heard good reviews about it though and thought I would give it a chance. It was AMAZING! It looked perfect as it was applied flawlessly. The product Endless Glow formulated gives you a beautiful and natural looking tan. And most importantly my husband could sleep next to me the night I got the tan because it didn’t stink. After learning about how I could join Endless Glow, I was full steam ahead.

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